Cleaning and polishing shoes

Regular polishing and cleaning the shoe extends the life of your shoes considerably. Leather is a natural product that should remain flexible, or else it may tear. Always use cleaning shoe care products based on natural ingredients. Synthetic products provide quick shine, but the leather can dry out easily. In our shop we sell products of the premium shoe care brand Saphir. Saphir products contain only natural ingredients (among others: beeswax).

Shoe trees

Goodyear welted shoes can last for years, if properly maintained. After wearing your shoes, we recommend putting in cedar shoetrees. In particularthe leather between the nose and the instep is vulnerable. This is because the foot itself settles there. Shoes will get creases on that spot and may even tear. Shoetrees ensure tension on the upper leather and reduce risk of tearing the leather. Shoetrees of cedar also provide absorption of moisture.

Shoe repair

Soles and heels of the shoe are the first parts that will be worn down. By repairing in time, you will prevent irreparable damage to the shoes. We have years of experience with high-quality shoe repairs; we have used our expertise in the development of walkings. To achieve a longer lifetime, we advise to pay extra attention to the soles. It’s better to replace them in time. It is especially important that the edge remains intact. This determines to a large extent the lifespan of your shoes. You can always turn to us for shoe repair.