WALKINGS offers high quality, handcrafted shoes made in Portugal and England.

The brand was founded in Amsterdam. We have years of experience in high-end shoe repair and bespoke shoes. We have literally held thousands of shoes, so we know what quality looks and feels like.

Building on this expertise WALKINGS focusses on selling high quality Goodyear-welted shoes. Through our close collaboration with the best local shoemakers in Portugal and England we can guarantee to meet the high expectations of our clients.


Goodyear-welted shoes get their popularity from their comfort, strength and durability. Also they support your feet very well and have excellent repair qualities. You can easily enjoy a pair of Goodyear-welted shoes for at least 5 to 10 years (when maintained properly).

Goodyear-welted shoes have an advantage in our wet climate because there is no direct connection between the outside of the sole and the inside of the shoe. Water or moisture can’t get in the shoe through the outer sole because it’s sewn to the edge (the welt), rather than through the (inner) sole, as is with a Blake (stitched) constructed shoes. 

A cork layer is added in between the outer sole and insole. The cork filling gives the shoes a high level of comfort. The cork adjusts to the shape of the foot. 



Most shoes offered by WALKINGS are made by using the traditional Goodyear welted construction. The Goodyear welted construction is time consuming, expensive and requires highly skilled craftsmanship. It is still considered the finest method of shoe construction today. Making a pair of Goodyear welted WALKINGS takes over 30 hours of work or over 240 specialized actions.

Portugese and English shoemakers are among the best shoemakers in the world. Our shoemakers have over 200 years of combined experience. This, together with the contemporary techniques and materials, results in outstanding craftsmanship.